Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation describes a dispute between two parties that is not based on criminal sanctions. Typically, civil litigation cases have one party (the plaintiff) that is seeking money or some other kind of remedy (damages) from another party, whom we call the defendant. Since civil litigation describes non-criminal legal cases, the nature of these cases is extremely broad and differs from client to client. Examples of such cases include, but is not limited to cases of insolvency, personal injury, insurance law, family law, defamation, land ownership disputes, election petitions, judicial review and constitutional law.

Corporate and Commercial law

Corporate law is a legal field that governs the formation of companies, shareholder rights, mergers, acquisition of assets, division, transfer and disposition of assets, while business law or commercial law deals with the sale and distribution of goods. In addition we provide advice and representation with regard to the leasing, purchase and sale of commercial real estate.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is a body of law that defines criminal offenses, regulates the apprehension, charging, and trial of suspected persons, and fixes penalties and modes of treatment applicable to convicted offenders. We have experience in handling criminal matters relating to personal crimes, property crimes, inchoate crimes, statutory crimes and financial crimes.

Employment & Labour Relations Law

Labour law applies to such matters as employment, remuneration, conditions of work, trade unions, and industrial relations. We have unmatched expertise to advise on all aspects of the employer-employee relationship ranging from employment contract negotiations and drafting, litigation of employment disputes and advisory on a wide range of employment disputes.

Insurance Litigation

Insurance litigation involves the representation of insurers, policyholders, and other stakeholders in disputes concerning the meaning, scope, and effect of insurance policies and related contracts. We handle a full range of Insurance Claims from high volume employers, public Liability and motor claims to complex indemnity and disaster litigation.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is a term that refers to a number of processes that can be used to resolve a conflict, dispute or claim. Our qualification and competency to handle complex disputes can assist clients in resolving disputes practically, fairly and effectively without the need to resort to protracted and expensive litigation.

Conveyance & Property law

The term conveyance refers to the act of transferring property from one party to another. We provide comprehensive legal services to companies and individuals who wish to buy, sell, develop, invest in or occupy all types of commercial, industrial and residential property and land. We also advise on all aspects of property related to debt recovery, including valuations and auctions of charged property.

Family & Succession Law

Succession is also referred to as the law of inheritance i.e. transmission of property rights from the dead to the living. The rules of succession identify the beneficiaries entitled to succeed to the deceased's estate and the extent of the benefits they are to receive. We advises clients on and help them set up private trusts to hold and manage their estates for the benefit of their progeny and other beneficiaries, and the eventual administration of the trust. The firm provides legal advice on adoptions, prosecution of divorce petitions, guide families through the intricacies of probate and administration and advice spouses on marital property laws. We also draft wills, letters of wishes, powers of attorney, advice and undertake estate planning on behalf of our clients.